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I Need Equality

Hi Inspirers! I know you may have seen this title and wondered what could come of this post. Well, I'm here to talk about equality... yup you read right. But not in the way you normally think or hear about , but in all things relationships/friendships . I took inventory of all my relationships/friendships I… Continue reading I Need Equality

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What do you Need?

What do you need? This is by far one difficult question that I cannot seem to answer on the fly. Lately, I was asked this question and literally froze. I was not prepared and although I wish that I was asked this often, I didn't know what to say. It left me pondering for some… Continue reading What do you Need?

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Am I Enough – Guest Blogger Regina Boykin

Regina Boykin is the Founder and CEO of S.W.A.N.S., Inc. established in March of 2016. S.W.A.N.S. ’s mission is to build a solid foundation to ensure growth in all areas for female adolescents between the ages of 16 and 19.   Overcoming personal trials which included mental, physical and verbal abuse, Regina has decided to turn her misfortunes into a positive vehicle to assist others in similar situations.  She Wants A New Start originated as a… Continue reading Am I Enough – Guest Blogger Regina Boykin

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Dependent Personality Disorder: Before There Was Him… There Was You!- Guest Blogger Candace Belin

Dependent Personality Disorder: Before There Was Him... There Was You! Please note: throughout this blog entry I use "him" interchangeably. What attracted him to you was your strong sense of yourself. It included all of the things you once admired about yourself so deeply... You know...The simple things that required no effort or second thought… Continue reading Dependent Personality Disorder: Before There Was Him… There Was You!- Guest Blogger Candace Belin

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I Wasn’t the Chosen One, and That’s Ok!

It's feeling like the black sheep or the last person to be picked for a team. The comparison game begins and in your mind, you're trying to find anything, something to blame. Often times I felt like this in my romantic relationships and friendships. You see why you're the best choice or how it can… Continue reading I Wasn’t the Chosen One, and That’s Ok!


I’m Ending My Relationship

Nothing about this relationship is worth having, but for some reason it's been hard to leave. In this relationship I feel useless, overlooked, and insecure. I am constantly walking with trembling legs because I never know what is coming next. This relationship has been abusive mentally and emotionally. I have never in my life felt… Continue reading I’m Ending My Relationship

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I Can Apologize Because I’m Humbled

I know we all had our fair share of moments when we did not want to apologize because, let's be real you wasn't really trying to let go of your pride. I'm not exempt either and I have to say that there were a lot of things I had to apologize for which humbled the… Continue reading I Can Apologize Because I’m Humbled