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I Need Equality

Hi Inspirers! I know you may have seen this title and wondered what could come of this post. Well, I'm here to talk about equality... yup you read right. But not in the way you normally think or hear about , but in all things relationships/friendships . I took inventory of all my relationships/friendships I… Continue reading I Need Equality

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Cognitive Distortions

What you know about them cognitive distortions? I bet you know more than you think you know. How so? Because chances are you've dabbled with one or two in your lifetime. Cognitive Distortions are unhealthy thinking habits that reinforces negative thinking and emotions. Some common distortions are filtering, black and white thinking, overgeneralizing, jumping to… Continue reading Cognitive Distortions

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Social Media Put me on the Path to Finding a Therapist – Guest Blogger Margo Gabriel 

Some say social media is like a two-edged sword. It can be a positive tool used for good but also can be harmful if used inappropriately. The former rings true for me. I use social media for personal and creative reasons. When I started my Instagram page, my focus was connecting with other creative Black… Continue reading Social Media Put me on the Path to Finding a Therapist – Guest Blogger Margo Gabriel 

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What do you Need?

What do you need? This is by far one difficult question that I cannot seem to answer on the fly. Lately, I was asked this question and literally froze. I was not prepared and although I wish that I was asked this often, I didn't know what to say. It left me pondering for some… Continue reading What do you Need?

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Take it Easy

Recently I took some time away from blogging and interacting with my followers for Leave inspired. I started a new job, again, and I needed to adjust to my new schedule. As well as the environment and the pace of the work that I'll be doing. If you read the latest blog post that I've… Continue reading Take it Easy


Self-Care with Guest Blogger Jasmine

My name is Jasmine Kazera and I run a Travel/Lifestyle blog called Traveling Through Life With a Wine Glass Half Full. For me, traveling through life is a journey within itself. Life can sometimes get you down and you may encounter numerous stressful days. I believe it is all about perspective; keeping a positive attitude and open mind (seeing the… Continue reading Self-Care with Guest Blogger Jasmine

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Anxiety Kills & My Adjustment Skills Are Not On Fleek

I cannot expand on this enough on how important it is for you to take care of yourself. We are constantly on the go and involved with the hustle and bustle of life that we forget that we are not machines. We cannot just plug ourselves up to get recharged and ready to move again… Continue reading Anxiety Kills & My Adjustment Skills Are Not On Fleek