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I haven’t been writing blogs but…

Hi there Inspirers! It has been way toooooo long since I have wrote you all. First off, Happy New Year and Women History Month. I believe the last time I wrote a blog post was back in July 2021 - life has been, just you know, doing its thing and moving fast. I have been… Continue reading I haven’t been writing blogs but…


I’m back…back to productivity!

Happy July everyone! I am back to blogging and excited about it. Last time I wrote about taking a break from productivity back in February, and boy did I take a break, from blogging that is. I have been working on other things like my personal development coaching and consulting business. Y'all, I get so… Continue reading I’m back…back to productivity!

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Navigating the 20s

Hey Inspirers! So it's been a couple of posts ago that you haven't heard from me, my lovely guest bloggers were holding it down. But, I am back and ready to give my voice. So I hope you all enjoy. Oh wait... I almost forgot to give an update. I finally launched my life coaching… Continue reading Navigating the 20s